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 Welcome to  5c2961a80e585-solid_load.png.

We do our best to offer a server without lag and the best conditions for a team game or solo experience..
In case of a problem, ourlive support is accessible at any time via the button in the bottom right corner, just one click away.

The voting system is ready !!

For each vote you will be rewarded with coins (after verification) that you can use in our shop

Join us on discord, you will find below a link.

Server Description

WWW.SOLIDS.GAMES - www.discord.gg/Tv6XJkD
(F1 console) client.connect solids.games:28015

Server Vanilla
Map Wipe - Every WEEK on Thursday.
Bp's Wipe - Every TWO Months

Procedural Map

    Website                                                                           Discord

    https://www.solids.games                                          www.discord.gg/Tv6XJkD


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Baddy Bzzt

"Bonjour les amis :) Ce serveur es tres agréable je vous conseil vivement d'y aller jeter un petit coup d'œil :) ca vaut le détour. +10 a ce serveur ! "